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Meet The Team

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Sharon is an Intuitive and Transformational Facilitator.

Sharon qualified as a Vibrational Healer in 2001 and has been practising energy work and connecting to, and communicating with, 'things unseen' ever since. 


Along with Lorenzo, she set up Mystic Mouse Publishing in 2008 to publish the Crystal Skull Message Cards. Sharon (aka White Elk Woman) is also the co-creator of the Crystal Skull Message Card Meditations Book, ShadowLight Cards, Wolf Life Path Cards, Personal & Planetary Healing CD, If Bees Can Fly book, the Conscious Creatures Oracle and Conscious Creatures Colouring Book.

Sharon has always had an affinity with most animals and has followed a ‘Shamanic Way’ for over 20 years, observing and listening to the messages of any creature brought to her awareness. Her belief is that every animal has a 'power’, along with particular characteristics which we can acknowledge. She is currently writing a follow up book to the Conscious Creatures Oracle to enlighten more people into just how amazing and 'awake' our animals are and what we can learn from them.

Sharon is also a Speaker, Raising Consciousness Mentor, Author, Connector and a Workshop Leader (among other things!). Her talks & workshops always aim to be fun, enlightening and inspiring.

"Holding the space for empowerment
through awareness"

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Lorenzo is a writer, speaker, photographer, digital artist and book designer.


He worked as a healthcare analyst for over 20 years, during which time he became acutely aware of the link between our modern lifestyles and the disturbing trends in mental health. This led him to the study of Eastern philosophy, mysticism, spirituality, and personal development.


Lorenzo is the artist behind the Crystal Skull Message cards, the Wolf Life Path cards and the Conscious Creatures Oracle.


His first novel, The Curious History of Joshua Ramdinkka, explores the nature of the human experience through the microcosm of a small and insular Southern European village spanning the twentieth century. It is a darkly humorous and often poignant story with a distinctly surreal edge.


More recently, Lorenzo has been creating the Lone Wolf Path, a unique program that aims to assist people with tuning out the noise of the world and reconnecting with the wisdom and creativity within. It is about the realisation that all the answers we are searching for are already inside of us. The program gently guides people to their own unique insights.


Lorenzo is an engaging, inventive and entertaining speaker. He talks about his own journey into consciousness, as well as discussing the nature of reality and the principles behind the Lone Wolf Path.

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