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Journal into Animal Wisdom
A Journal to Connect You Deeply with the Wisdom of the Animal Kingdom

This empowering journal is designed to connect you deeply to the Wisdom of the Animal Kingdom. It provides a beautiful way to capture all your interactions with the animals you encounter in your life.

Animals are known for their unconditional love and their ability to bring us joy, comfort and wisdom, so we hope you will experience all these things and more as you write down your thoughts & feelings along with the insights you receive from our beautiful animal allies.

The aim of this journal is to bring you closer to the animal kingdom, both physically, energetically and symbolically so that you can gain deeper insights into their ways and how they might be here to assist you, or humanity, at this time.

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ISBN: 978-1-910815-34-2

Size: 189mm x246mm

Binding: Wiro (spiral) with soft cover

Number of Pages: 98 pages

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