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Four dates during 2024/24


The Little Horse Yard

All Seasons Pass - Space to Breathe, Space to Be

All Seasons Pass gives you access to four Space to Breathe, Space to Be events at a special discounted price. MAKE TIME TO GET OFF THE RIDE to REST, REALIGN & RESET as you navigate 2024/25.

All Seasons Pass - Space to Breathe, Space to Be
All Seasons Pass - Space to Breathe, Space to Be

Time & Location

Four dates during 2024/24

The Little Horse Yard, Mussenden Ln, Horton Kirby, Dartford DA4 9JW, UK

About the event

We’re all gonna need time and space to reset, realign, come back to self and stand in our highest, best and most authentic vibe this year. Making a commitment to do that will give you the certainty and comfort that you’ll get the downtime you need and the support you want as we all journey through 2024 together - an 8 year that could ‘pack a punch’ 😉 

It’s promising to be a pretty awesome year, but it’s gonna be intense and whichever way it rolls you’re gonna be grateful of an “off switch” from time to time! So…here’s your chance to promise yourself that you’ll nurture all of You (mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually) as the year unfolds. 

Michelle Budd, The Herd and Sharon Lynn will be holding 

“A Space to Breathe and A Space to BE” 

All dates are close to the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox (and International Day of Peace) & Winter Solstice. A couple of them are around a Full Moon too 🌝 

We’ve chosen these dates (as well as one right on top of Christmas) not only to coincide with the natural rhythms of Nature, but so that you have support at some of the most difficult to navigate times, when family obligations or outside pressures to do certain things can be overwhelming. 

We believe that everyone will need support more than ever this year and these days will give you a chance to reset, realign, gain clarity, set goals, check boundaries and practice being true to yourself first & foremost! You will also be with other like minds, hearts & souls, the horses, alpacas and nature - all of whom will be there to support and nurture you as needed. 

Max 12 attendees

It would be ideal for you if you can make all 4 sessions, so as to gain the most benefit and support throughout the year, however, if you can only commit to one or two that’s fine as well, providing we have space on the dates. Some previous attendees have already booked, so don’t wait too long to reserve your place.  

If you would like to be one of the 12 please contact Sharon Lynn

Email :-

Facebook :-

Text/call :- 07919 206817

If you’re not already convinced, here’s some more details that will help clarify whether these days are for you.

What to expect

It’s always good to attend these days as open hearted and open minded as possible and with little to no expectation. Having said that here’s a few things that we expect to hold the space for :-

  • Time with expert facilitators and a supportive tribe
  • Heart-centred discussions and activities
  • Guided meditation and mindfulness exercises
  • Personal reflection and journaling opportunities
  • Goal-setting, support & accountability (if you choose)
  • Time in nature and to experience it
  • Interaction with horses for observation & learning
  • To get you experiencing, and leaving with, a different and higher vibration

In these supportive, nurturing and empowering days we’ll work with four key aspects :-

  1. Boundaries - Being True to Self First - In a world filled with external pressures and expectations, it's easy to lose touch with your authentic self. This space will be your sanctuary to reconnect with your inner truth and rediscover what you really want or need. Intentions will be set for you to lovingly put yourself first for the rest of the year
  2. Connection - With Self and Nature's Rhythms - Nature has its own ebb and flow, its own seasons and rhythms. Discover how aligning your life with these natural cycles can bring harmony and balance. Learn to recognize when to plant seeds, when to harvest, and when to rest. Connection to Self, and to Nature's rhythm, can be key to finding your own flow in life
  3. Clarity - Who You Are and What You Want - Rituals & ceremony can hold the power to release stagnant energies and create space for clarity and new beginnings. These days will bring you opportunities to clear emotional and mental clutter. Letting go of past regrets, shedding self-doubt, or releasing old patterns will all make way for a more authentic, empowered version of yourself
  4. Goals - Where You Are Going and Why - we will spend some time uncovering & understanding your ‘why’ and your next mission. Through guided exercises and heartfelt discussions, you'll experience self-acceptance, and feel empowered to make choices, set any goals (should you choose to) and realign with your core values and desires

So it’s our sincerest hope that you will join us on this magical journey where connection & clarity, merge with the wisdom of the herd & nature and the power of your own authenticity.


MICHELLE BUDD - Michelle is a LEAP accredited Equine Learning Facilitator with considerable experience working with adults and young persons to manage their psychological and emotional distress. She runs 'The Little Horse Yard' in Kent and often collaborates with other facilitators in the South of England.

She has a BA Honours Degree and worked as a Sports teacher for sixteen years in the UK and the United Arab Emirates.

Her objective has always been to encourage health & wellbeing, and with her passion for looking after animals, Michelle opened her mind to Equine Therapy. She trained & qualified in Equine Assisted Learning and has subsequently supported many individuals (adults, teens and children) experiencing a range of difficulties. Her areas of expertise include panic attacks, anxiety (including health & social anxiety), depression, stress, trauma, OCD, and long-term physical health conditions.

She has always used a holistic approach to wellbeing and is looking to further her knowledge in this area by working & collaborating with others who specialise in this.

Michelle is fully cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

SHARON LYNN - As an Expanding Consciousness Mentor Sharon is a deeply intuitive, and transformational, Facilitator. She always had an affinity with most animals and has followed a ‘Shamanic Way’ for over 25 years, observing and listening to the messages of any creature that’s brought to her awareness.

Sharon qualified as a Vibrational Healer in 2001 and has been practising energy work and connecting to, and communing with, 'things unseen' ever since. She offers 1-1 and group sessions for anyone ready to raise their vibration and deepen their awareness of themselves and their world.

Sharon is the founder of Mystic Mouse Publishing and TAILS network (The Animal Inspired Learning & Support network) and HAD group (Higher Awareness Development). She is also a Speaker, Author and Facilitator (among other things!). Her talks & workshops are always enlightening, inspiring, empowering and ‘magical’ - and they often come with a bit of a surprise.


Exchange of £95 per session (to be paid in advance)

Discounted rate of £320 if attending all 4 sessions (£80 deposit to be paid by 21st March)

You can book your place by contacting Sharon Lynn or Michelle Budd directly via Facebook, email or phone or directly on this page.


07539 - 243906 - Michelle Budd

07919 - 206817 - Sharon Lynn


  • One Person - All Seasons Pass

    This ticket provides entry to four Space to Breathe, Space to Be events during 2024/25




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