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"Cinema Paradiso meets Don Quixote"

A Novel by Jack Ginesi

The Final Cut - reimagined, revised, and remastered to celebrate the 10 year anniversary

Joshua Ramdinkka is having a bad day…that makes 14,768 and counting. The suspicion that his great grandfather's ghost is trying to muscle his way back into the family business isn't helping matters. Nor is the fact that his alter ego has accidentally killed the village mime. Now the council is just itching to bulldoze his beloved family home. But is Joshua a victim or the architect of his own misfortune?

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Set in a bygone world of vineyards and village life, this is a book about the choices we make and how they make us. It's about living in the shadow of greatness, the perils of discovering you are God, and the realisation that no one else will ever see the world quite the way you do.

Coming 2023


"A true masterpiece of

Dark Humour."

Books with Will
(review of original 2013 release)

"There are so many facets to this book that make it an interesting voyage of discovery into oneself."

Goodreads review
(of original 2013 release)

If you think this might be your cup of tea (or glass of vino), you can download Part 1 for free (no email address required).

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Coming 2023

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370 Pages


Published by Mystic Mouse Publishing

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