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Exploring Consciousness Workshop

16th April 2023
The Little Horse Yard

Adult Spiritual Wellbeing Workshop - Exploring Consciousness and introducing The CALMER Path.

If you ever feel overwhelmed, stuck, frustrated or ‘down’ in some way, or you simply enjoy exploring your own energy, spiritual awareness and interactions with others, the world and animals at a deeper level, then this is definitely a day for you!


You will be exploring your own spirituality, consciousness and energy from a whole new perspective. This promises to be an enlightening, enjoyable and therapeutic day, in beautiful, peaceful & healing surroundings with the company of like-minds, hearts & souls, horses and alpacas!

Meet Your Facilitators


Michelle Budd


Lorenzo Guescini


Sharon Lynn

MICHELLE BUDD - Michelle is a LEAP accredited Equine Learning Facilitator with considerable experience working with adults and young persons to manage their psychological and emotional distress. She runs 'The Little Horse Yard' in Kent and often collaborates with other facilitators in the South of England.

She has a BA Honours Degree and worked as a Sports teacher for sixteen years in the UK and the United Arab Emirates.

Her objective has always been to encourage health & wellbeing, and with her passion for looking after animals, Michelle opened her mind to Equine Therapy. She trained & qualified in Equine Assisted Learning and has subsequently supported many individuals (adults, teens and children) experiencing a range of difficulties. Her areas of expertise include panic attacks, anxiety (including health & social anxiety), depression, stress, trauma, OCD, and long-term physical health conditions.


She has always used a holistic approach to wellbeing and is looking to further her knowledge in this area by working & collaborating with others who specialise in this.


Michelle is fully cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

LORENZO GUESCINI - worked as a healthcare analyst for over 20 years, during which time he became acutely aware of the link between our modern lifestyles and the disturbing trends in mental health. This led him to the study of Eastern philosophy, mysticism, spirituality, and personal development.

Lorenzo is an engaging, inventive and entertaining speaker. He talks about his own journey into consciousness, as well as discussing the nature of reality. In his latest talk 'Deconstructing Reality’, he explores how we create our sense of reality, and demonstrates just how malleable that reality really is. Lorenzo doesn't work with specific techniques, instead, his talks and workshops are designed to guide the listener to their own unique insights.


Lorenzo is Sharon’s business partner and the technical and creative wizard behind everything awesome that comes out of Mystic Mouse Publishing! He is also a writer, author, designer, animal photographer and founder of The Lone Wolf Tribe.

SHARON LYNN - is an Intuitive and Transformational Facilitator who has always had an affinity with most animals. She has followed a ‘Shamanic Way’ for over 20 years, observing and listening to the messages of any creature that is brought to her awareness.

Sharon qualified as a Vibrational Healer in 2001 and has been practising transformational energy work (connecting to, and communicating with, 'things unseen') ever since. Whether she is delivering a reading, offering a mentoring session or facilitating a workshop, talk or meditation her sessions are always insightful & empowering and assist her clients to better understand themselves, their innate healing & ‘psychic’ abilities and their soul purpose.

As well as working with individuals and groups Sharon is also the founder of Mystic Mouse Publishing, TAILS network (The Animal Inspired Learning & Support network) and HAD group (for Higher Awareness Development). Like most Lightworkers and Pathfinders, she has been a wearer of many hats!

Sharon strives to deliver fun, enlightening and inspiring talks and workshops which usually come with a bit of a surprise too!

What to expect…

Lorenzo will be introducing The CALMER Path and discussing how Consciousness, Thought & Universal Intelligence are at play in our world and how being aware of each can allow us a totally different experience of life. The aim of the workshop is to help you uncover new ways of thinking, experiencing and being in the world. These new perspectives point the way to experiencing more peace & calm, and greater control in your life - no matter what situation you’re presented with.

Time will be spent with the horses (or alpacas, cats, birds and whoever else shows up 😉 ) to witness how Consciousness, Thought and Universal Intelligence might show up for them too. This presents a unique opportunity to explore this 'new-found' awareness and see how it alters your perception of the animals, their interactions (and that of other people you encounter) and your ‘place’ in the world.


The Flow of the Day


10am - Arrival followed by Introductions


Michelle will then start the day with an energy exercise for the group and you will have the opportunity to spend some time in the paddocks with (or observing) the horses and/or alpacas.


Regroup for Lorenzo to share some insights into Universal Intelligence, Consciousness & Thought and introduce The CALMER Path

LUNCH - please bring your own food & refreshments*

After lunch there will be more experiential, witnessing and meditation time in the paddocks


Discussion time -  we will end the afternoon with time for feedback, observations and questions as this ‘new way’ of perceiving the world, your life and how it all interplays will almost certainly bring about some interesting questions and conversations!

3.30pm Final thoughts & Closing



CLOTHING - We will be outside for most of the workshop - so please wear appropriate clothing & footwear. We will be walking, and working among, horses in the fields


FACILITIES - This is a working horse yard so don’t expect 5* facilities - there is a basic, ‘festival style’ loo and a couple of chairs & blocks to sit on in the field. If it rains heavily we will seek refuge in the caravan*


FOOD & DRINK - Please bring your own packed lunch. We will provide hot liquid refreshments & biscuits only. NB-There’s nothing available to purchase on site or nearby as the yard is semi rural.


WARY OF HORSES? - If you are wary of horses you can still attend as you don’t have to go in the paddock with them if you choose not to. You will still benefit from watching others interact with the herd and you can make your own personal connections with the horses energetically from a distance and in meditation. Plus you will be with like minded people in a safe environment to explore your feelings and uncover your own innate wisdom about horses. NB - If you are terrified of horses, then this is probably not the best workshop for you right now, but please do connect with Michelle as she will be able to assist you with this


The Little Horse Yard,

Mussenden Lane,

Horton Kirby,



Exchange of £70 per person
places must be booked in advance


You can book by using the form opposite

OR by contacting Michelle or Sharon directly on Facebook (or by phone) - see below


07539 - 243906 - Michelle Budd

07919 - 206817 - Sharon Lynn


We look forward to having you join us and the herd for another awesome and horseome day! 

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Places are strictly limited


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