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How's Your Head?

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

I’ve suffered quite a lot throughout my life with headaches one way or another. As a teenager I suffered terribly with migraines but it was always attributed to hormones or the fact that I landed up with Glandular Fever caused by the Epstein Barr Virus and Mononucleosis. I’m now starting to wonder if that’s all it was…

Having worked on heightening my awareness and senses now since 1998 it’s only in more recent years that I’ve started to be more in tune with the different sorts of headaches or head sensations that I experience. When I was working as a clairvoyant medium I used to get what I called a ‘spirit head’. That sense of pressure on the top of your crown as if someone was ‘knocking at your door’ to get in. That headache would often be accompanied by other physical or emotional ‘symptoms’ which would come out of nowhere. It took me a year or two to figure out that this would happen when I was about to do a reading, and that I was picking up on the ailments of either my client or the person who had passed and was now drawing close to bring a message to their loved one. The joys of being an empath!

In 2018/2019 I had to have two life saving surgeries following years of endometriosis. Subsequently I ended up in surgically induced menopause and eventually gave in a went on HRT. If I forget to take it for a day or two I get a headache, what has since become known as my ‘menopausal’ or ‘hormonal head’ ha ha!

Then there’s the ‘stress head’, which thankfully I rarely get as I generally don’t allow stress to enter my life these days. But, on the odd occasion that something does stress me for any reason it will sometimes lead to a pressure headache - the sort that feels like your head will explode when you bend down. This actually feels the same as when I’m going through a vibrational clearing, so if I’ve not been stressed and I feel this sort of head then I know that there’s some old stuff being let go through my crown. “Let go and let Good” (or God depending on your viewpoint).

But then there’s a totally different sort of ‘headache’ that usually comes in waves with a sense of pressure both from within and without, accompanied more often than not with something I can only describe as a blurring of vision that’s not exactly blurry. Definitely a weirdness and pressure within and around the eyes. It will sometimes get me with a fleeting sharp pain that runs through my temples/head/brain too. It comes and goes, and often as I’m about to head for the tablets it eases off, so I don’t bother. This can go on for ages and often ends up with me just going to bed until it’s gone, which can take anything up to 24 hours. It’s one of those that will not shift no matter what I try - breathwork, meditation, walking, sleeping, painkillers. Usually doing one or a mixture of these will shift pretty much any other sort of headache.

So, these waves started for me yesterday afternoon (16th Aug 2022) and I initially put it down to a mega stressful day I'd had the day before. I went to bed and did the ‘bedtime headache meditation’ that I always do when I get a funny head and it invariably works to clear it by the morning.

However, I woke up with my head still feeling pressured and achy, with my eyes still feeling heavy and ‘blurry’ too. I wondered when the next new moon was (as I’m often affected by the new and full moon too!) but that wasn’t for another ten days, so it couldn’t be that.

Lightbulb moment !!

I suddenly realised I had felt this kind of ‘head’ before and subsequently found out there had been a solar storm and solar flares. So, I popped onto spaceweather (.com) and sure enough we are experiencing another minor CME (Coronal Mass Ejection).

A solar flare is a mini explosion on the Sun. This happens when energy that’s stored in twisted magnetic fields is released quickly and under pressure (i.e an explosion). Solar flares subsequently emit a burst of radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum. This could be radio waves, x-rays or gamma-rays. My scientific understanding of such things is lacking, so if this fascinates you then have fun researching and learning.

This ‘break’ in the electromagnetic field when the solar flare hits is how we can get to see the aurora borealis. My hubby and I went to Iceland to see the Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis a few years back. On the coach that took us to see the lights, I had a banging head and felt really sick. I was shaking too, and the closer we got to the spectacle the worse I felt. I felt so ill that I only just managed to get out of the coach for five minutes. Almost as soon as we got back to the city I started to feel better and I was perfectly fine the next day to come home. Coincidence?

I now finally understand why I could never shift this sort of head, and from today I will be working on the vibrational solution! Hubby suggested I just need to focus on being in my own ‘radiation blocking force field’ - for want of a better way of putting it. This way I can just sail through any future solar storms without them penetrating my energy field and affecting me. Like a submarine (me) travelling through the deep ocean (solar storm) or, indeed, like a spaceship travelling through space haha!

So next time your head feels ‘off’ maybe just take some time to tune in and really get a sense of what it is you’re feeling, where you’re feeling it and why. Is it physiological, emotional, mental or spiritual. It might be that you are simply resisting a shift in vibration - in which case, let go and let good!

Or it could be that you are becoming more sensitive to the goings on around the earth i.e the weather of space (aka spaceweather), the sun (our biggest star) and its solar storms, solar flares and solar wind activities.

​If this has brought you any ‘aha’ moments and you’d like to become more in tune with yourself, increase your vibration and heighten your awareness why not request a free discovery call on Expanding Consciousness



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