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Taking a Leap with Frog - March 2022

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Frog card from the Conscious Creatures Oracle

MARCH energies brings Frog and a leap of faith… You might remember I did an annual card pull in January for the upcoming energies each month. January and February were both White Lion, but for March out leapt FROG. I definitely feel like things have been shifting this last couple of weeks, what with the wind and floods and other more ‘worldly’ changes going on. This time of year also feels like ‘new beginnings’ are possible as we come out of our pseudo hibernation having pondered what the year has in store for us. So here is some of what Frog has to share from the Conscious Creatures Oracle


”I understand the need for oxygen, water and sunshine to survive and thrive. I like being in the water, warming up on a sunny rock or cooling down in a shady spot”

A reminder to breathe, cleanse and hydrate and to make sure you get enough sunshine in your life - whether metaphorical happiness, or actual sunshine. Make sure you are getting enough vitamin D too, as the sun doesn’tbgive us any til around April time. The message goes on to say…

For all things there is a right place and a right time. Frogs love to sit on, or under the leaves of the water lily or lotus flower, the symbolism of which should be acknowledged - enlightenment, self generation, healing and rebirth. The Frog has a complex process pf metamorphosis, from egg, to larvae, to tadpole (with two legs, then four), to frogelt to frog. This all happens in around 12 weeks and so could be letting you know the next stage of your growth and evolution is here. Embrace it!

Many cultures credit Frog with the powers of good fortune and abundance and also soul cleansing, so maybe it is time to let go of outwarn patterns, behaviours or beliefs and make way for the new to flow in.


”I leap into the unknown and happily embrace whatever comes my way, knowing I will adapt and prosper”

I saw two frogs joined together in Mums pond this week, so there is certainly a message or few in here for me right now! I hear you frog:-) Also clock the number vibes - 3, 8, 11 & 2


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