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The Beauty of Trees

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

A slightly different sort of post from me today, but one that is still very much aligned with 'Higher Awareness'. Awareness is often about perception - whether that's what we see with our eyes or simply 'see' with our knowingness or feeling. I know most of you in here love trees, so when I saw this article in an old magazine I just had to share it.

I often look at the bark of trees and can see all sorts. I also feel trees too, and it's amazing how some feel so much cooler or warmer than others. Some look soft, but feel 'rough' and vice versa. Maybe like people...some are not as they may first appear. We can learn alot from trees!

Their colours can be spectacular too and what we're drawn to can teach us much about ourselves and what we might currently 'need' vibrationally in our lives.

As a side note these magazines came out of my parents shed and most of them are from 2004/5/6. I would not have these magazines in my possession now if Dad hadn't have had his stroke. I'm not saying that Dad had a stroke just so you could see this article, but to point out that all is connected and that everything happens (or is brought to our attention) at exactly the right moment EnJOY!


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