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White Lion, Kites & Crystal Skulls

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

White Lion image by Lorenzo Guescini

A few years ago Brian & I went to Wales with my parents. One afternoon we headed off to Gigrin Farm where the man feeds Red Kites from the back of his truck on a daily basis around 3pm. About a dozen of us huddled into a viewing hide while he tipped the food and drove off. No kites came. 3.15pm still no kites and a few people were convinced they weren't coming so headed off. 3.30pm still no kites. A few others left. 3.45pm just two other people and us now in the hide. Here's where it gets interesting!

I tuned in to see if I could find out what was going on and I had communication that the Kites were there but they were scared to come down and eat. I asked what they were afraid of - and after a couple of minutes questioning I was shown a big male white lion. OMG!!! In that moment I suddenly realised why I had had a headache all afternoon...

I had been reading The Mystery of The White Lions book that morning and had inadvertently shapeshifted into a white lion (people had commented on my hair looking like a mane that day - and my eyes being really bright blue - all of which I had put down to the sunny weather!).

As soon as I realised it was actually 'me' the Kites were afraid of, I realigned my self and released the white lion energy and came back in to my totally human vibration. Within seconds of doing so - the kites came! A spectacular display of these incredible birds. A few minutes later the other people left so it was just us in the hide. I kept saying to my Mum, we must wait as there's something else. But I didn't know what it was, only that we had to wait and be patient!

A Rare White Kite in a tree with other Kites around
A Rare White Kite

Here's where it gets even more interesting!!!!

We had been told that there had been a handful of reports over the years of a white kite, who would occasionally come and feed with the others. Pretty sure you know what I'm gonna say next! After the other people had left, and we were the only ones in the hide, down it came. But, not only did it arrive, it came and sat in the middle of a circle of 12 (as per my photo above!)

For those that know anything about the legend of the crystals skulls you will understand why this was SO significant for me at that time. That's another story for another day!


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