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Sharon Lynn


1 Hour

Area Covered

South-East England

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All About BEeing

A talk of many facets and multiple insights where Sharon will share both her practical and spiritual experiences of bees, and BEing.

Sharon does not profess to be an expert on bees, nor is she a beekeeper, but having had numerous fascinating encounters with bees (which started at the age of three months old) she has a lot of interesting information to share. The practical side of this talk includes topics such as the importance of bees, different bee species (they’re not all honey makers), how they live, how they assist us and, very importantly, how we can help them thrive once more.

The Bee is hardworking, always busy and each one with a purpose to serve its Queen - just some of the qualities attributed to the Bee from a spiritual and symbolic standpoint. The Bee has also come to represent things such as ‘remembering to drink in the nectar of life’ and ‘never giving up on your dreams’, because, as Sharon often says “If bees can fly, anything is possible!”

A fun, informative and often interactive talk where it is intended you will learn something (usually a lot) about bees and maybe a little something about yourself too ;-)

This talk is usually around an hour including time for Q&A.

This talk can also be extended into a workshop where Sharon will get you humming (like a bee) to feel how the vibrations can assist you and she will also guide you on a meditation. This workshop can be really useful for anyone who suffers those stressful, ‘busy bee’ days, as Sharon will also share tips on how to shift your thoughts & feelings so as to encourage a positive energy shift into a state of peace, calm and flow; a surrender into BEing.

Meet Your Presenter

Sharon is an engaging and informative speaker. She is known as an ‘inspirational storyteller’ who regularly shares her wisdom by recounting various (often deeply personal) experiences.

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