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Sharon Lynn


1 Hour

Area Covered

South-East England

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Conscious Creatures

Have you ever watched a cat mischievously knock something off a shelf, a squirrel bury a nut, a bird drop bread into water, or a dog comfort someone who’s upset? If so then you have been in the presence of a Conscious Creature.

Animals are sentient beings and all have an awareness of themselves and their environment. Each species having its own particular characteristics, ways of communicating and living with each other - Conscious Creatures indeed!

This talk aims to impart knowledge as to just how conscious animals actually are and how we can learn a lot from them if we just take the time to observe, listen and understand.

Sharon will explain how she has felt an affinity with most animals since childhood and has followed a ‘Shamanic Way’ for over 25 years, observing and listening to the messages of any creature that is brought to her awareness. She is the co-creator of the Conscious Creatures Oracle (42 power animal cards & book set) and in this interactive, enlightening and empowering talk she will share some of what she has learned from observing, connecting, communicating and living with animals throughout her lifetime and whilst writing this book.

If time allows Sharon will explain the four aspects she feels are key to communing and communicating with animals, giving you the opportunity to strengthen your connection with the entire Animal Kingdom and have a greater awareness as to how watching and understanding Conscious Creatures can bring phenomenal insights into your own life.

This talk is usually around 1hour including time for Q&A

This talk can also be expanded into a full day’s workshop to include guided meditations and working in depth with the Conscious Creatures Oracle. It would also include the ABCD of Animal Communication workbook.

Meet Your Presenter

Sharon is an engaging and informative speaker. She is known as an ‘inspirational storyteller’ who regularly shares her wisdom by recounting various (often deeply personal) experiences.

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