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Sharon Lynn


1 Hour

Area Covered

South-East England

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The Gifts of Dogs

This talk brings together two different aspects of how dogs assist us humans with their gifts. Sharon will share some interesting information about various registered dog charities and how dogs help people in all sorts of situations in a multitude of ways. For example hearing dogs, seeing eye dogs, search & rescue dogs, drugs dogs, dogs that can smell cancer (and now Covid!) and medical alert assistance dogs - the latter of which is what inspired this talk.

Having lived with a big black Labrador for six years, who was trained and qualified as a Diabetes Alert Dog, Sharon has first hand experience at how incredible dogs noses are at saving peoples lives - often multiple times a day. It was during this time she became increasingly aware of just how much more dogs know, that we often don’t realise. This is where the talk gets even more interesting!

Sharon will share some of her personal stories along with a handful of others where it becomes quite obvious that dogs are way more sensitive and aware than most people ever give them credit for and can, in fact, communicate with us on so many levels that we rarely acknowledge. This talk will leave you in no doubt of “The Gifts of Dogs”!

This talk is usually about an hour with the opportunity for Q&A.

This talk can be extended into a workshop.

A Workshop would include the ABCD of Animal Communication which is followed by a guided meditation to connect and communicate with your dog, living or passed. If you do not own a dog you will have the opportunity to connect with someone else’s dog, with their permission.

Meet Your Presenter

Sharon is an engaging and informative speaker. She is known as an ‘inspirational storyteller’ who regularly shares her wisdom by recounting various (often deeply personal) experiences.

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