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Sharon Lynn


1 Hour

Area Covered

South-East England

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Wolf: Friend or Foe

Iconic, enigmatic and misunderstood there can be few creatures that arouse such diverse emotions as the wolf. The wolf has woven itself into the human psyche over thousands of years, however, the near mythical status of the wolf has led to many misconceptions about these beautiful and remarkable animals. Unlike how they are often depicted in literature and media, wolves are in fact highly social, intelligent, playful and loyal creatures with a strong sense of family - a far cry from the vicious and savage creatures often seen in movies. The image of the wolf has become so twisted in modern culture, both positively and negatively, that it can be difficult to untangle the fact from the fiction.

Sharon will share how her husband’s and best friend's love of wolves lead them to a number of close up encounters. These meetings brought opportunities for them to gain hundreds of photos of these incredible creatures and it’s these photographs which ultimately inspired the creation of a book and card set known as the Wolf Life Path Cards.

This talk touches on a handful of myths & legends and brings in many interesting facts about wolves, giving you the opportunity to decide if you think they are friend or foe.

This talk is usually around an hour long with opportunities for Q&A.

This talk can also be extended into a workshop.

A workshop includes a guided meditation to meet with your wolf allies for guidance, healing and wisdom. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to read, use and work with the Wolf Life Path Cards. These cards are intended to inspire and bring about a sense of peace, strength and freedom. Empowering!

Meet Your Presenter

Sharon is an engaging and informative speaker. She is known as an ‘inspirational storyteller’ who regularly shares her wisdom by recounting various (often deeply personal) experiences.

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