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Stories, insights, wisdom and healing from 29 very special dogs


“It’s like having 29 wet nosed, four pawed oracles of wisdom in a book. If you love dogs, spirituality and personal development you’ll love this!”


Whether you’re a dog owner looking to understand your own dog better, or simply a dog lover seeking to connect deeper with yourself and the consciousness of dogs, this book aims to enlighten. From the moment you read what one of the dogs has to say, you’ll get what it’s about. It is indeed about ‘The Power of Dogs’ - to bring you clarity, support and guidance.


Becky shares the stories of what each rescued dog went through and how she assisted them to heal by listening to them and truly understanding their behaviour. More importantly she realised that every dog was mirroring back something she needed to work on herself.

Through these 29 dogs you will :

  • Understand the importance of communing with dogs
  • Appreciate the incredible ability of dogs to overcome, find peace and enjoy life
  • Get to know and understand yourself better

Sharon says “From traumatic past to peaceful present - each dog points out things you might need to work on within yourself. Some will make you laugh, some will deeply touch your soul. I hadn’t met any of Becky’s dogs, but they all spoke to me through the images you see in this book - either directly or via the Canine Consciousness - to bring their wisdom and insights through for you. I have no doubt the dogs you're drawn to will, in some way, be part of your healing journey and spiritual growth. We should never underestimate the power of dogs!”

The Power of Dogs

SKU: 9781910815243
    • Type: Non-fiction - Inspirational
    • ISBN: 978-1-910815-24-3
    • Size: 148mm x 210mm
    • Binding: Spiral (Wiro) with Softcover
    • 222 pages (including over 100 colour pages)

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