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Three journals - the Animal Wisdom Journal with an animal montage on the cover, Creative Spaces with an otter on the cover, and the Lone Wolf Journal with a wolf.

Creative Journaling
for the Soul

The front cover of the Animal Wisdom Journal showing a montage of elephant, badger, urangutan, bear and eagle

Mystic Mouse was formed in 2001 in the UK. We are a small team who have a passion for creating beautiful journals (along with books & card decks) to help you expand your consciousness.


Journaling is a powerful tool for self-exploration and personal growth.  Each journal in our exclusive collection features inspiring artwork, unique layouts, and thought-provoking prompts that are designed to help you get in touch with your inner self and take your journaling to new levels. 

Whether you're looking to capture your deepest thoughts and feelings, or simply record your day-to-day experiences, create something that you will always treasure. Create something amazing!

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Animal Wisdom Digital_1.jpg

* this is the full unrestricted version of the Journal in PDF format (no physical copy). Ideal for use with note-taking apps like GoodNotes etc and has been optimised for use on iPad and tablets. Can also be printed out, if you prefer a good old pen and paper!

Q. From which journal is each of these illustrations taken? Click on an image to find out where they appear.

NEW: Druid Moon


Introducing the Druid Moon collection of notebooks: Simple, Beautiful, Affordable.

We’ve crafted the Druid Moon notebooks to be simple, beautiful and, above all, affordable. From the meeting room to the coffee shop, from home to the great outdoors – the Druid Moon Series is your versatile companion. Slip one into your bag, and you'll always have a canvas to express your thoughts whenever inspiration strikes.


Looking for a charming gift for a friend or loved one? Look no further. The Druid Moon notebooks also make a thoughtful and affordable gift for friends or loved ones that will be cherished for their elegance and practicality.

Connecting with the Canine Consciousness

The face of Tunkasila, a beautiful wolfdog. A mystical symbol above Tunkasila's head against an indigo and purple background

Step into a world where the wisdom of dogs takes centre stage, with two remarkable new books.

"The Power of Dogs" is a heartwarming collection of individual tales from 29 rescue dogs. Through their stories, these furry heroes impart invaluable lessons about the importance of truly listening to our canine companions, and realising that they often serve as a mirror, reflecting aspects of ourselves.


"Tunkasila’s Teachings" is a spiritual journey guided by the wisdom of Tunkasila, a Wolfdog whose ethereal messages have been channeled into a book of 30 profound teachings. Tunkasila beckons you to return to ceremony and be at one with the infinite consciousness.


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