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Wisdom from the Canine Soul. Medicine for the Human Heart.


"Tunkasila’s teachings has been crafted, created and made from deep ceremony, intention and purpose to bring sacred medicine to you, even just by feeling it in your hands.

It has been created as if every word was a prayer that lands in your heart and provides wisdom for you."


My dear wolfdog, Tunkasila, transitioned on March 17th 2022 under the milky light of grandmother moon. Before her transition and since then, I channel messages of wisdom from her as well as my other dogs and the collective consciousness of canines.


Tunkasila and I wish for this book to feel sacred. In fact, when I was co-creating this book with her and asked her about what her book presented, she shared for me to imagine a scene that held a sense of sacredness to it, that pulled you in as if you were entering a secret cave whose surface was covered in red clay cave paintings, illuminated by a sacred fire where you could hear the distant sound of an ancient song being sung by the beat of a sacred drum.


This was the holding she asked me to feel in to when creating this book with her and I feel we captured exactly that!


In her book, Tunkasila wants you to feel the sacredness that it holds. She wants the entire book to be a ceremony itself and for you to feel that you are in a ceremony when reading it. She wants you to remember that you are a ceremony and return to ceremony! She wants this book to be part of your journey back to self!


This book includes 30 channellings directly received from Tunkasila of what she wishes to share to us and the titles she has assigned to each of them. Each channelling has a symbol connected with it and instruction of how to navigate your way through her book as she takes you on a journey that is full circle and back to your heart. Examples of channelled titles include, "You Are Enough", "Reflections", "Precious Gift" and "Do Not Fear Death."


I truly hope you enjoy Tunkasila's Teachings as much as we have enjoyed being in this sacred space to co-create and bring her medicine book to you.

May it be medicine for your heart and allow you to return to ceremony with yourself and your animal friend.

Tunkasila's Teachings

PriceFrom £14.00
    • Type: Non-fiction - Inspirational
    • ISBN: 978-1-910815-20-5 (Paperback)
    • Size: 180mm x 180mm
    • Binding: Paperback
    • 158 full-colour pages

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