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Expanding Consciousness Mentoring Program
with Sharon



The intention for this program is to assist you in creating and sustaining a healthy, high, joyful and loving vibration, and to heighten your awareness of self and environment. 

"Making the world a lighter, brighter, more Love-filled place to Be"

What does that mean?

Expanding Consciousness is about raising your vibration through various practices, exercises or techniques so that you can BE and give the best of yourself. It is about learning to perceive and experience things differently, from a higher / deeper place or plane, so that you can experience greater connectedness, joy, flow and harmony in all areas of life and/or business.

Ready to take the next step?

Here’s something I created with the key aspects that the program will cover and to give you an idea of the vibe. “Soul-driven. Transformational. Empowering!” 

Multicolour Word Stack graphic

What is this program about? 

In short…


This program has been created to assist you with higher awareness development, raising your vibration and expanding consciousness - both individually and collectively. If you’re looking to be more in tune with yourself and your world and experience more joy, flow & harmony, then this could be for you.


The Expanding Consciousness Program can also assist you in increasing your confidence in your intuitive abilities to assist others in experiencing a healthy, happy and high vibe too.


This is intended to be a transformational program and you should understand that most of the exercises will involve you entering into a higher state of awareness and altered state of consciousness, as that is the nature of ‘Expanding Consciousness’.

What it’s not…

This program is not about ghosts, the paranormal, psychic activity, astral travel or developing your mediumship skills. However, if you are currently working in those realms and wish to shift your vibrations to higher / deeper levels and move into a new way of assisting and empowering others then this program brings you the opportunity to do just that.


If what you’ve read so far is resonating and you feel ready to take the next step on your path, then I warmly invite you to please read on :-

What to expect

Each client is different and will have different areas of focus or need, so your Expanding Consciousness Mentoring program will be tailor made to suit your needs. There might be some handouts along the way as required, but there is no formalised workbook, nor is there a recognised qualification as yet. I am happy to give you a Certificate of Attendance.


Throughout the program I will give you things to research, meditate on or 'do' between each session. One session will build on another vibrationally. Some of the suggestions will require written work or practical action and might involve working with others. Please make sure you get permission and written agreement from anyone you plan to practise on. 


The process:-

  • A Free 30 minute Discovery Call to make sure we are a good fit for each other

  • A questionnaire to be filled out and returned prior to our Initial Consultation

  • 90 minute Initial Consultation

This 90 minute Initial Consultation is where we can really get to understanding where you’re at on every level (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and where you would like to be vibrationally and/or practically at the end of the program should you wish to go ahead.

If you wish to continue with the entire program after our Initial Consultation (no obligation) then you will commit to


  • 4 further 90 minute sessions

The dates for these sessions will be agreed in our Initial Consultation so that you can work at a pace that suits you. Usually one each month to give time to process the energies and do any ‘homework’ or exercises given between sessions.


All Sessions can take place either over the phone, via FaceTime (for iPad or iPhone),  Facebook Messenger video chat, or Zoom.

Follow up support:-

After each session I will email you with any notes, feedback, handouts and/or exercise to do following the session. Any exercises and written work requested will need to be submitted at least 24 hours prior to our next call to give me the chance to go through everything and prepare accordingly for our next session. If you need support between sessions you can send me a message by email, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. 


Please note - if you are needing a lot of support between any sessions (i.e not just a quick question) then I might suggest bringing the next session forward so that we can spend quality time on whatever it is you are needing assistance or support with. 

Just some of the benefits you could experience:-


  • An increased awareness and shift in perceptions

  • A shift in vibration from empathy to knowing

  • Courage to be yourself and share your gifts

  • Better communication (with the Animal, Crystal, Nature Kingdoms etc.)

  • Know how to create powerful Affirmations for self and others

  • Confidence in your intuitive and healing abilities

  • Being able to go into your heart space for deep insights and clarity

  • Being able to connect with others on a soul level

  • An understanding of how to interpret colours, numbers & symbols 

  • Ability to interpret Oracle Cards for yourself and others

  • A deeper understanding of your passion and purpose

  • Experience new Meditation techniques

  • How to energetically respond to triggers (not react to them)

  • Uncovering and clearing of shadows / limitations / blocks

  • Be introduced and connected with more of your tribe

  • Uncover your next mission and next steps

  • Feeling transformed and empowered

  • Embracing and loving yourself as a starseed in human form


If you run your own spiritual business or are looking to start one, we can also include sessions around this. Subjects covered might include:-


your passion


What makes you


Your business mission, vision & purpose


Ideas on
how to be seen


Knowing & reaching
your tribe


How to make money doing what you love

My teaching style:-

The way I ‘teach’ is based around sharing my own (often deeply personal) experiences in relation to anything you might be struggling with, or about things you wish to learn. I will share relevant and relatable stories, tips and techniques which can assist you in understanding certain aspects of this work, allowing you to shift your awareness and vibration accordingly.

What others have said...

“A course so soul driven for the individual!”

“The personal growth that has followed from experiencing this program with such a generous, passionate, learned facilitator as Sharon has now organically become an integral part of all exponential knowledge and any lessons or insights that are coming my way, as my souls journey continues with a higher awareness of self and a new found confidence in my own powerful truth and unique connection”

“I have so much gratitude for Sharon’s infinite wisdom & energy in delivering this (program) with me in such an ‘unstructured’ and organic way - adopting a ‘teaching’ style that speaks directly to the soul in a way where even after one 45 minute call insights started to just ‘drop in’ with no prior effort at all! Some sent as confirmation of absorbed insights during my teachings with Sharon, then some to show my own unique divine connection to source, reminding me that - I am (we are!) free to live every day in my (our!) own truth, no matter my (our!) outward unique style to others!”

“I’m now more in the flow of surrender and release, to know and trust even more in the flow - all based upon the lessons / insights received during the program, and sitting in this new space with a renewed awareness of trust until my own footsteps began to re-emerge and guide me forward; each new step bringing in instant confirmation through regular synchronicities in all ways and on all levels - especially through our beautiful animals along the way.”

The Investment

Initial 90 minute consultation:


If you then decide to continue, there will be a further four 90-minute sessions with the following payment options:

Pay in full in advance of the first session:

(a saving of £60)


pay in monthly instalments:

4 x £90

Payment for each session will be requested and invoiced in advance. 

Please note that payment must be made before a session takes place, thank you.

Are you ready?


Yes? Great! So, if you’re ready to embrace the next step on your journey as a soulful spiritual being having a temporary human experience then contact me today:

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