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Wolf Life Path Cards

Bring the energy of the Wolf into your life!

The Wolf features in many traditions, appearing in myth, legend & folklore throughout the ages. Often depicted as teachers, guides and protectors, wolves are associated with loyalty, courage, strength & intuition and are a powerful symbol of freedom and free spirit.

What are the Wolf Life Path Cards?

The Wolf Life Path 'pack' consists of 41 beautifully illustrated cards, featuring the wolves of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust ( The new companion booklet will provide the following for each card:


  • A Wolf Fact, Myth or Medicine

  • Questions to Ponder

  • Ideas of what to Meditate on


The cards can be used for meditation or divination. Let the imagery and guidance assist you in accessing your own intuitive abilities. Join with the spirit of the wolf.

WLP Group.png
Wood Panel

Check out the sample images below, just double click on a card to enlarge it!

The Moon
Spirit of Place
The Magician
Heartland 350x350.jpg

New Features for the 2018 edition

New Images

The latest deck has a total 41 cards including two new additions - Heartland (left) and Space.

New Card Size

The 2018 edition features a new card format (105mm x 148mm approx) making the images easier to work with.

New Box & Booklet

The 2018 Wolf Life Path Cards feature a new stronger, lidded box and a full booklet with information and guidance.

Snowy Forest
Wolf Logo dark 80x80.png

These cards are great - with only a brief message on each (if needed), they encourage you to use your own intuition to interpret their meaning. With such wonderful images they are a joy to work with. I felt a strong connection to them from the start. They are a must for any wolf lovers!

June S.

Wolf Logo dark 80x80.png

When the Wolf Life Path cards first became available I knew I had to buy myself a deck. I loved the Wolf, the colours and what I see in these cards. I have always loved the Wolfs howl song, it evokes so many different aspects within a person.  These wolf cards do the same. As I write this, "The Universe - I am" card has just dropped out…..enough said

Stella E.

Wolf Logo dark 80x80.png

I have many oracle and tarot cards, and have used a variety with readings. I always find the Wolf Life Path cards to be the most popular. I feel that people have a real heart and soul connection with them. I love them, they are my favourite cards ever!

Dawn C.

If you would like more information or you are interested in purchasing, please:

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