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Tiger brings passion and creativity

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Back in January (2022) I did a month by month card spread with the Conscious Creatures Oracle to see who’s energies were going to be most prevalent for us each month, or for anyone else who tuned in. It was Tiger who showed up for August.

I'd totally forgotten this as we’d been so busy creating a new website and two online stores, so it wasn’t until we were a few days into the month that I realised Tiger's passion and energy had certainly been assisting Lorenzo and myself in recent days! I had been filled with much excitement and passion and I even created some word art online to go on a page of the website - something I always leave to Lorenzo as he’s so much better at that sort of thing!

But when I re-read Tiger’s message that I wrote last year for the Conscious Creatures Oracle book, I knew its energies had been at play, in more ways than one, without me consciously realising it.

Tiger is a sensuous being and, like most other cats, loves to rub up against things. Maybe this was a hint for me to be more tactile or kinesthetic - a time to learn and understand through touch and 'doing' - and to get creative!

Tigers are very passionate creatures and I realised that I’d sat creating at my computer almost constantly the last two days, only getting up to pee - and nearly forgetting to eat and drink as I totally lost track of time - all signs that I was engrossed in something I was passionate about!

If you’re reading this then I’m sure you’ll already be relating and understanding a little as to why you’ve been drawn to read about Tiger today, but here’s a few more insights into Tiger medicine and how Tiger might be acting as a power animal for you at this time.

Tigers sleep a lot , so remember to get as much rest as you feel your body and mind needs. Meditation is often as refreshing as sleep, so maybe when it gets too hot on those summer afternoons, go lounge under a shady tree and contemplate your next move. Find your own space, your own pace and go within. Meditation is a powerful tool and can help synchronise the two hemispheres of the brain, which not only promotes a sense of calm but can also make you more aware of the mental processes that are shaping your life.

Tigers are predominantly solitary beings and are very capable of looking after themselves, so you can call on their power of self reliance should you need to.

If Tiger is showing up for you, remember that they love to play and actually enjoy the water, so this might be asking you to consider your emotions at this time. Perhaps you need to cleanse your energies and raise your vibrations by having some fun? Maybe splash about in a pool or have a paddle in a beautiful clear stream to help wash your cares away and put a smile on your face.

Tiger’s Affirmation

“I am strong and passionate. I harness the universal life force that flows through me and enjoy boundless energy”


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