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Personal & Planetary Healing with Crystal Skulls CD

A chakra CD to assist with expanding consciousness and enhancing your spiritual gifts. Created with electronic soundscapes, drums and voice. Channelled by Sharon Lynn (aka White Elk Woman) through the Crystal Skull Consciousness. All eight tracks connect with the Crystal Skull Message Card Meditations book and the original oracle cards.


Inspired by the Crystal Skull Message Cards. 

  1. Ancestors (7:12)

  2. Obelisk (7:08)

  3. Sacred Space (7:06)

  4. Abundance Island (7:04)

  5. Voyage of Discovery (7:11)

  6. 11:11 Transformation (7:30)

  7. Lotus Flower (7:04) 

  8. The Blue Skull (12:54)

An overview from Sharon Lynn (aka White Elk Woman)


Working with Crystal Skulls and their consciousness I got used to expecting the unexpected and this album was no exception! It evolved into something completely different from the initial intention.


Ultimately it was inspired by the original Crystal Skull Message Cards (and the subsequent Crystal Skull Message Card Meditations book) and has become an album of sound created electronically. A member of my skull family chose the image most relevant to its agenda and as the music, image, colours and skull vibrations spoke to me, various sounds were added to include drums, rattles and vocal toning.


This album may well take you on a number of journeys and you might also drift off into what seems like an intensely deep, peaceful slumber as the eclectic sounds weave through your energy centres, systems and grids.


For those of you new or less accustomed to working with Crystal Skulls please bear in mind that as you listen to this album the Crystal Skulls carry a transformative essence, and so you may well experience thoughts, feelings and images coming to be acknowledged. Many will be wonderful, peaceful and joyous - others may be less so. This album gives you the opportunity to release anything that no longer serves you, and allows you to do so in a beautiful, safe and loving way.


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The insert booklet includes additional details for each of the eight tracks including the Crystal Skull and the Crystal Skull card image that inspired the track, along with the chakra that the track is designed to work with.

Booklet Pages 3-4_web.jpg

What about the Planetary aspect of this album?


Sharon’s experience of crystals and Shamanic practices, along with her passion for ‘past’ and parallel lives led her to the amazing Crystal Skulls, crop circles and sacred geometry in 2004. Prior to this most people knew her as a medium, vibrational healer, spiritual counsellor, shaman or event organiser but there is a little less known side which she mainly kept under wraps. It’s what she called her ‘starry self’.


She says…


“Over the years I was made aware of what I perceived as ‘off world’ or ‘other planetary’ influences, particularly from Andromeda and the Pleiades. On the arrival of the original Crystal Skull Message Cards in January 2008 Mystic Mouse Publishing was born and it seemed like a ‘new me’ was also born around this time. I experienced an out of body experience and vibrational transition which brought in what I perceived, back then, to be a Sirian energy.


Not only did I appear to be reborn at this time, integrating a further part of my ‘starry self’, but my connections to the cetaceans – especially the orcas and bottlenose dolphins – seemed to become more profound. 


But I wondered where planetary healing came into this audio, so I questioned this and awaited a response. The subsequent download led to this explanation…


We all have aspects of ourselves which come from, or are connected to, other star systems or planets. As other planetary aspects of ourselves chose to experience life on Earth we have encountered some traumas on the way, either to our DNA, soul, or energy matrices.


So as I understand it, the sounds of this album can help to release and heal some of these traumas. 


When you listen to this audio allow yourself to be transported to your respected ‘offworld’ homes and let your love and peace be shared there. You can share your love too, with this, our earthly home, in order to assist Mother Earth on her path also.


I believe these energy exchanges can help earth and other planets and star systems. If nothing else these exchanges will strengthen the loving connection you have with them and they with us. As love flows from one back to the other, ultimately I believe a universe full of love can be created.”

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