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Lone Wolf - Moving into Flow

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

“Within each of us lies a unique key to happiness - a blueprint for living authentically. This isn’t something we need to search for in the outside world, rather, it is part of us - part of the ‘intelligence of the system.”
A beautiful wolf sitting next to a wise grey-haired tribal elder

In a world increasingly dominated by data and rational thought, we often overlook our own inner wisdom. This omnipresent yet elusive force is an amalgamation of our life experiences, deeply rooted instincts, and a connection to a greater cosmic flow that rational thought can neither grasp nor define. When we follow this intuitive wisdom, we often find ourselves living in a state of 'flow,' where everything seems to align naturally. Doors open, opportunities arise, and the pieces of the puzzle start to fit together harmoniously.

Most of us have probably experienced achieving something seemingly effortlessly – the results may have surprised and delighted us, and we found ourselves wondering why life can’t be this easy all the time. These moments don’t come from conscious effort but often occur when we are distracted or focusing on something intently (effectively a form of meditation). In either case, our ‘normal’ thinking is suspended. All our thoughts about the world, ourselves and our limitations are put on hold and what is left is our fundamental nature. We move from trying to force an outcome to flowing with the moment.

On the Lone Wolf Path, ‘Force & Flow’ go hand in hand with a second principle: ‘Directed versus Guided’. By ‘Directed’ we mean actions that are taken by conscious choice such as pursuing goals or fulfilling obligations. On the other hand, being ‘Guided’ by our inner wisdom involves listening to our deeper intelligence and allowing it to lead us on a path without any preconceptions about where it should take us (and trusting that there is a part of us that already knows where we need to go).

This also reminds us that contentment doesn't come from having all the answers but from being at peace with the questions. Inner wisdom helps us to be okay with not knowing, to find solace in the journey, and to see beauty in the unfolding mystery of our lives. It reminds us that while we may not be in control of everything, we can always control our perspective.

Becoming more in tune with this intuitive wisdom is not something we learn but something we allow. It often requires us to relinquish our need to control outcomes and to trust in the process. Incorporating practices like mindfulness, meditation, or even simple walks in nature to quiet the external noise can help us tune in to our inner voice. For many of us, the reliance on intellectualisation has led us to doubt the intelligence within – the intelligence of the system - it is time to redress the balance.

Living in a state of flow and contentment doesn't require a complete abandonment of rational thinking. Instead, it invites a deeper relationship with ourselves, where we can balance our innate wisdom with acquired knowledge. In doing so, we can navigate the complexities of life not as a battlefield but as a fluid dance, gracefully flowing through challenges and joys alike.



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