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The Lion, the Witch and the Ancient Egyptians!

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

At the beginning of August 2022 I asked Lorenzo to create a Lion picture for me to share for the activation of the 8/8 Lion’s Gateway Portal. The amazing, fiery, energy fuelled image you see here is what he came up with. As with all his animal pictures, this artwork was generated from a photograph Lorenzo had taken of a lion some years ago - with the addition of five Egyptian Hieroglyph style symbols. I initially shared this image online with a short post about the Lion’s Gate and how I was fascinated about how this day might have come to be celebrated like it is today. I subsequently did a little research and followed up the short post with a longer blog, simply titled 8/8 Lions Gate & Lions Gateway Portal (click here to read).

Having shared this amazing lion image, a couple of people asked what the symbols meant, and whilst I knew they were Egyptian in origin I wasn’t totally sure of their precise meaning, either individually or collectively. I asked Lorenzo (thinking he would know seeing as he had created the artwork!) but he just said he had intuitively chosen them and placed them the way he thought they looked best on the image. So, I set about doing a little research and no surprise the symbology turned out to be very appropriate.

From top to bottom :-

The Eye of RA - The Sun God (!) - the ‘king’ who oversees the kingdom and makes sure that all is well in the world.

(I did chuckle at this because had Lorenzo chosen the other eye - the Eye of Horus - it would have represented the moon and therefore had less meaning in the context of this piece. Coincidence, luck or simply higher guidance at work? You decide.)

Bast or Bastet - The daughter of Ra and a Cat Goddess. The guardian of women, children and cats. Also Goddess of home, health and good fortune. Bastet is said to have been able to take the form of a lioness, a cat or a woman depending on the energy needed at the time.

The Sun & Dove - this symbol was very hard to find and can appear in two parts. The dot in the circle is said to represent the sun and light (very apt again!), whilst with the three lines, it appears, represents the dove. The dove is of course a symbol of love, peace and purity among other things.

The Crook & Flail - the staff (or crook) symbolises the shepherd to his people, while the flail represents him providing food and sustenance for the people. This symbol originally related to Osiris but now seems to symbolise the authority of any Pharoah.

Kneeling Person - I couldn’t find an explanation for this symbol, other than ‘person/man/woman’. To me this looks like someone offering up a prayer or making an offering of something to someone else.

Once I realised what all these symbols meant I set about ‘reading’ them and, as far as I’m concerned, whether you read these symbols from top to bottom or vice versa the overall sentiment is pretty much the same. This is how I see it…

The God (Ra) rules the kingdom and keeps it safe and with the assistance of his Goddess daughter (Bast) makes sure that the needs (Crook & Flail) of their people (Kneeling Person) are met.

The people (Kneeling Person) offer up prayers that they will be sustained (Crook & Flail) and that the Goddess (Bast) will look after them, their home and their family and that their God (Ra) will keep them safe. I feel it is likely that they also vowed to be of service to others for the greater good of the kingdom and to honour the Sun and Ra (who many believed were one and the same).

What links them both is the symbol in the middle (Sun & Dove) which represents the light, the sun and living in peace and love.

Remember this is just my interpretation, you may see things differently. If you do, I'd love to hear from you as Egyptology is not my area of expertise and this is all merely my musings on some symbols that were intuitively (but I think far less than coincidentally) placed alongside a sunny, fiery lion to create a powerful and insightful piece of art.


“I choose to be in service living from my highest vibration of gratitude, peace, love and joy”

To me this affirmation sums up and epitomises how most lightworkers and way showers now choose to live their life. Quite funny to think that it’s taken us so long to ‘get the message’ that if we live in purity, gratitude, peace, joy and love we will always have our needs met! I wonder how many more centuries it will take for everyone to ‘get it!?’

In closing, I leave you with an affirmation and some Lion wisdom taken from the Conscious Creatures Oracle


“I connect to the Sun and the Stars and uncover a deep, ancient wisdom that spans many lifetimes”

Lion says…

“Never be afraid as I will always be there for you with my majesty, strength and love.

I come to teach you about freedom.

Reach for the stars and look up into the night sky often, for that is as much your home as mother Earth. Look deep into your soul also and uncover the deepest wisdom and teachings.

Honour the Sun and your Ancestors”

When Lion shows up it’s likely a pointer to remember your ancestors, their wisdom and how deeply connected we are to All That Is”

With much love, sunshine and lion-hearted blessings. Til next time…

© Sharon Lynn 2022


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