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Sharon Lynn


One Day

Area Covered

South-East England

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Crystal Skulls, Ancestors and Purpose

Working with a Crystal Skull is usually a powerful, insightful & transformational experience as they often reflect back a multidimensional aspect of yourself, so this workshop could help you to uncover a new or deeper perspective on your higher purpose. It might also assist you in gaining clarity on an area of your life where you've been held back or blocked. One thing is for sure, you'll leave this workshop having had an experience you wouldn't have had if you didn't come!

Crystal Skulls have been used by our Ancestors for centuries and in this workshop you will have the opportunity to work with the Crystal Skulls (if you wish). Sharon will take you through a guided meditation where you will be connected to the Crystal Skull Consciousness, Your Ancestors and Your Purpose.

Sharon Lynn has been living and ‘working’ with Crystal Skulls since 2003. She is the co creator of the Crystal Skull Message Cards, The Crystal Skull ShadowLight Cards, a Personal & Planetary Healing CD channelled through the Crystal Skull Collective and is also the author of the Crystal Skull Message Card Meditations Book.

Meet Your Presenter

Sharon is an engaging and informative speaker. She is known as an ‘inspirational storyteller’ who regularly shares her wisdom by recounting various (often deeply personal) experiences.

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