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Welcome to Mystic Mouse

Welcome to the home of Mystic Mouse and Mystic Mouse Publishing where we strive to Empower through Awareness and Empower through Design.

'Tiger Tiger' Tote Bag by Mystic-Mouse available on Redbubble

Check out our new Redbubble shop where you can find our artwork on canvasses, t-shirts, mugs and much more. We are in the process of adding more of designs, but if there is a particular image from our books or cards that you would like to see on the store, just drop us a line - we'd love to know!

Find out how we might be able to assist you on your spiritual journey. Contact us to arrange your Free Discovery Session.

Phoenix Rising Abstract
Planet Sphere Abstract

Meet the team behind Mystic Mouse and the creators of the Crystal Skull Message Cards & the Conscious Creatures Oracle

The Lightbringer

Stay up to date with energy updates, expanding consciousness tips and all the latest info with our twice monthly newsletter! PLUS you will recieve your FREE copy of the '45 Ways to Raise Your Vibe' ebook as our gift!

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