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Lorenzo Guescini


Welcome to my website, and my own personal fusion of art & photography. Here you can explore a selection of my artwork, just click on one of the collections below to get started. Every image you encounter on this site has been crafted from my own original photographs, so that each creation is infused with the soul and authentic character of the subject. It is always my aim to allow the innate beauty of these amazing creatures to shine through.

You can also find a selection of book design projects. I am passionate about crafting inspiring and highly functional journals, workbooks, and training materials, while placing a strong emphasis on design and the power of effective data visualization. Or perhaps you're an author seeking a captivating cover for your fiction or non-fiction work, or in need of a meticulously crafted layout that seamlessly blends design with the written word - I am here to bring your vision to life.  You can explore a small selection from my book design portfolio here.

If you have any questions or have a project that you would like to discuss, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Big Cat Collection

A collection of striking images of the majestic cats of Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, created from original photographs.

UK Wolf Collection

The wolves of the UKWCT (including images created for the Wolf Life Path Cards)

Fenn Bell Collection

Incredible creatures. This set was created as part of a collaboration with the Fenn Bell Conservation Project in Hoo.

Book Design

Here you can find a small selection of the books I have designed over the last few years.

Conscious Creatures

A selection of images from the 2022 Conscious Creatures Oracle card deck, once again, based on original photographs.

Website designed by Lorenzo

All design and images copyright 2014-2023, Lorenzo Guescini & Mystic Mouse Design

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