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Robin & Sloth share their Wisdom - June 2022

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Robin card from the Conscious Creatures Oracle

ROBIN and SLOTH are who wanted to share their WISDOM for JUNE from the Conscious Creatures Oracle. Two very different creatures, yet their messages intertwine. Here’s my take on their appearance for this month…

ROBIN - they are always one of the first birds up for dawn chorus and one of the last to go to sleep. Sometimes they barely rest at all if there’s still light around (natural or otherwise). For this reason I feel Robin’s message could be that you need to make sure all lights (& tech) are off to ensure you get quality sleep. The message could also be about making the most of your day by getting up early now we have the lighter mornings, and have some quiet time to yourself before the rest of the world gets going. Listen to Robin’s song and hear whatever message it brings you. Perhaps it will encourage you to go for a walk first thing, or to write that article/blog or create a video - something inspired that allows you to “sing your own song” and get your message out there. Robin’s red breast is prominent and he/she will often perch on a post so as to be seen and heard, another reminder it’s okay for you to do the same.

SLOTH - if you watched the month by month card pull video I shared again earlier you’ll know that the Sloth only ventures down from their tree about once a month to poop

! For me this indicates mindfulness about vulnerability, as on the ground is where the Sloth is most likely to be attacked by predators. So firstly, consider if you need to have a clear out right now, either a body detox before starting a new healthy eating regime, or maybe a mental/emotional/spiritual letting go so as to make way for new information/relationships/opportunities etc. Sloth’s message is about being mindful too, so together with Robin I would say this is all about being aware of how and where you are using your energy. Don’t burn the candle at both ends, but equally if you can make the most of these lighter mornings and evenings to share your message, then definitely take advantage of that! Also be mindful not to waste any energy or resources on projects or people that aren’t aligned with your vibration and/or vision.

JUNE SUMMARY - call on Robin & Sloth to assist you to sing loud and proud, make the most of the longer days and be mindful of how and where you are expending your energy. Get good quality sleep, detox/release anything that no longer serves and then fuel your body, mind and spirit with all good stuff! Remember too that you can also interpret the colours, numbers and symbols on these cards for even deeper insights.


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